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We are looking for an Administrative Assistant!

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ABOUT THE BUILDING MOVEMENT PROJECT For over a decade, the Building Movement Project has been advancing the potential for nonprofit organizations to have an impact on building movements for progressive social change. We learn by listening to groups and leaders about what it takes for... more

The Difference Between Feedback and Power

Recently, the nonprofit sector has been buzzing about the idea of feedback loops. Nonprofits are adapting customer feedback models from the private sector in their desire to listen to constituents and beneficiaries. There are initiatives by foundations looking to listen and learn from grantees. But while some claim that we... more

Job Announcement: Research Consultant

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – RESEARCH CONSULTANT 2015 NEW MEXICO NONPROFIT SURVEY The Building Movement Project is looking for a research consultant to provide analytical support for a statewide survey of nonprofit organizations. The survey was released on November 2, 2015 and has a final completion date of December 15, 2015. Below is a more detailed description... more

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