Equipping nonprofits to advance social change

Movement Building

There have been significant resources dedicated to the development of nonprofits’ organizational capacity. However, far less attention has been paid to the capacity of groups to support movement for social change. Here you’ll find resources on how to develop the movement capacity of nonprofit organizations.

Commons Blog from Kim Klein!

The commons is a short, simple phrase that describes all the resources a community has rights or access to. Recent posts include how community gardening in Detroit has enabled neighborhoods to champion multiple challenges by transforming urban blight into a shared resource, and who owns the majority of the seeds in the US.


Featured Movement Builder: David Bollier and the Viral Spiral

Check out this month's featured movement builder! David Bollier is an independent policy strategist, journalist, activist and consultant with an evolving public-interest portfolio. David recently released a book, Viral Spiral, as an in-depth look at the ideals and history of the new digital commons. more

Kim Klein Featured on National Radio Project

In Tax Me, I'm Yours, Project Team member Kim Klein lends her expertise to the nation's current tax structure and how it can be re-formatted to better serve the commons.


1+1=10: A new equation for social change

Read Robby Rodriguez's keynote from the Raising Change conference about the possibilities present in all our work. Fotini Markopoulou, a leading scientist working on string theory said in an interview with in Scientific American, “There are so many theories out there that aren’t even wrong. To be wrong would be exciting.” Using this as a starting point, Robby tells us that to live in the world we dream of, 1+1 must equal 10. And it is already happening... more

Project Team Members React to Obama’s Win

Building Movement Project Team Members from across the nation share their reactions, experiences and perspectives on the recent historical election of President-elect, Barack Obama. more

Kim Klein featured in Foundation Center Philanthropy Chat

Listen as Project Team member Kim Klein shares strategies and insights on how nonprofits should approach fundraising during difficult economic times, including paying attention to taxes and tax policy and its effect on nonprofits and advocacy. Click here to listen.


Half a Million Nonprofits Could Lose Their Tax Exemptions

Did you know that in May 2010, half a million nonprofits could find themselves stripped of their exempt status? The IRS estimates that that's the number of smaller organizations that have failed to file a Form 990-N.

To read more about this situation that will greatly impact the nonprofit sector, visit GuideStar.


Citizen Engagement as a Force for Social Transformation

Read Kim Klein's opening speech at Concordia University’s Institute in Management and Community Development’s first ever Open University Summer Program. She discusses citizen engagement and movement building as forces for social transformation.


Nonprofits and Democracy: Engage, Educate, Activate, and Assess

Written by Frances Kunreuther for the NCNA newsletter SparcChange, this article examines what nonprofits look like when they're sites of democratic practice. more

The ABC’s of U.S. Tax Policy: An Historical Perspective

From the days of George Washington to that of the present Administration, taxes have been a subject of national controversy.


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