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The Next Generation of Leaders We Really Need in Detroit

In addition to being on the BMP Project Team, Linda Campbell is a CSI fellow and has been a convener of the People’s Platform in Detroit. This blog was originally posted by the Center for Social Inclusion. Earlier this month, Crain’s Detroit published its annual list... more

Announcing New Partnership with the Alliance for Nonprofit Management

The Building Movement Project and the Alliance for Nonprofit Management are excited to announce that we are joining forces to create the “Nonprofits Integrating Community Engagement” project. NICE will work with organizational development experts, consultants and nonprofit staff to help service groups focus on client and community engagement... more

Meeting Need, Making Change

New Mexico is a state rich with resources – both natural and human – and a history of community engagement and collaboration to support the common good. The state’s traditions are reflected in the diversity of the over 2,000 nonprofit organizations that work in communities to help people face... more

Detroit: Not as “Abandoned” as it Seems

There are two opposing narratives about the estimated 78,000 buildings that stand vacant and abandoned in Detroit.  On one hand, the “ruins” stand as captivating relics from a better time – inspiring “ruin porn” tourism and documentaries.  On another hand, the urban blight serves as... more

Scaling and Ecology

Every couple of years, new phrases suddenly permeate the air. In the nonprofit sector right now there is “scale”, “collective impact”, “network”, “movement”, “evidence-based”, “transformation” and of course ”innovation.” These terms can be deeply meaningful or... more

Shifting Strategies to Advance Community Level Impact

When service agencies embrace broader social change and community-level work, it requires a shift in organizational strategy. By strategy, I mean both the motivating vision for the impact the organization will have in the world and also the practices, tactics and choices around staffing that will make the vision a... more

Advancing Community Level Impact

About this Series This series highlights “5% shifts” – as we are calling them – that don’t rely on organizations completely changing course and reinventing themselves. We lift up shifts that are both simple and achievable, to inspire service providers to adapt what works. These reports are... more

Obamacare: The Potential in Service to Social Change

This past week, the Building Movement Project Team had the privilege to hear from several leaders in Los Angeles about how the implementation of Obamacare is being leveraged by forward-looking organizations, both service and organizing, as an opportunity for movement building.


Breakfast in Detroit

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Caitlin Endyke profile one of the case studies featured in our recent report, Building Community from the Inside Out, on how small organizational shifts can lead to large impacts.  This piece was originally featured in Transformation, a new online publication from Michael Edwards and openDemocracy.


Detroit People’s Platform and Convention held at Marygrove College

Patrick Geans, a reporter for the Michigan Citizen, recaps the Detroit People's Platform and Convention, organized by Building Movement Detroit, which took place on June 1st.  Over 200 community residents and leaders from all seven city council districts attended the Convention, which was organized around 5 main issue platforms- government, jobs, land acquisition, food and transportation.


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