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Kim Klein and the Commons: Reflecting on Haiti

Just as religious reflection can lead people to a more commons-centered orientation, we saw people respond to the disaster in Haiti with the same outpouring of sharing and cooperation. The Commons was there in Haitians risking their health and safety to form impromptu rescue teams before relief started pouring in from across the globe. But even as the response to the suffering in Haiti inspires faith in the ideal of the commons, there’s been an interesting tension between the market and the commons at play here at home.


Commons Blog from Kim Klein!

The commons is a short, simple phrase that describes all the resources a community has rights or access to. Recent posts include how community gardening in Detroit has enabled neighborhoods to champion multiple challenges by transforming urban blight into a shared resource, and who owns the majority of the seeds in the US.


Citizen Engagement as a Force for Social Transformation

Read Kim Klein's opening speech at Concordia University’s Institute in Management and Community Development’s first ever Open University Summer Program. She discusses citizen engagement and movement building as forces for social transformation.


Nonprofits and Democracy: Engage, Educate, Activate, and Assess

Written by Frances Kunreuther for the NCNA newsletter SparcChange, this article examines what nonprofits look like when they're sites of democratic practice. more

From the Ground Up

Social-change organizations operate in communities all over the United States, but little has been written about the details of their operations. This new book, co-written by Building Movement Project Director Frances Kunreuther, takes a close look at how these organizations address challenges related to leadership, staff development, resource needs, decision-making, and collaborations. more

The Indispensable Public Space

The Building Movement Project uses the shorthand “TIPS” (The Indispensable Public Space) to describe all our work related to exploring, enlarging, understanding, preserving and illuminating public space. This curriculum explores our complicated relationship to taxes, and thus, our very mixed feelings about how “public space” is to be financed.


Nonprofit Service Organizations and Civic Engagement

A report on a meeting of practitioners and funders that looks at how to move civic engagement forward in nonprofit service organizations and address some of the challenges that arise. The meeting was co-sponsored by Carnegie Corporation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Alliance for Children and Families, Minnesota Council on Nonprofits, and Nonprofit Voter Engagement Project. more

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