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Generational Changes and Leadership

The Generational Change project asked people – directly or indirectly – about these different areas to see how those working in social change organizations fit into these reported trends. The findings of the study seem to refute the notion of large generational differences. However, the responses do indicate that older and younger people working for social change have different needs. This summary will report on nine different areas we explored with those we interviewed: 1) their backgrounds; 2) their views of the work/personal life divide; 3) the things they enjoy about their work; 4) what they find challenging; 5) their reports on how decisions are made within the organization; 6) their views of leadership; 7) the type of training leaders need; 8) how they saw issues of race and gender; and 9) their thoughts about the future. We also will make recommendations on how both practitioners and researchers might proceed based on these findings more

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