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Making Social Change

The Building Movement Project developed this set of case studies as a response to numerous requests from groups looking for real-life examples of the often-challenging process of incorporating social change models into social service work. The case studies - geared toward practitioners, board members, and funders interested in this work - include organizational profiles, a reflection guide and additional web resources.


Making Social Change Case Studies: Additional Web Resources

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from readers not only about Making Social Change: Case Studies of Nonprofit Social Service Providers, but also about the usefulness of the supplemental resources available for download via the case studies web page. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to point all of you towards our Additional Web Resources page in case you hadn’t had the chance yet to explore it on your own! The Additional Web Resources page adds further depth to the stories highlighted in Making Social Change by offering access to the actual tools and models used by the featured organizations to facilitate their social change goals. more

BMP Project Team Member is Featured on Huff Post

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld recently submitted a piece to the Huffington Post on the challenges that progressives still face with the new administration in paving the way for change. more

From the Ground Up

Social-change organizations operate in communities all over the United States, but little has been written about the details of their operations. This new book, co-written by Building Movement Project Director Frances Kunreuther, takes a close look at how these organizations address challenges related to leadership, staff development, resource needs, decision-making, and collaborations. more

Social Service and Social Change

Social Service and Social Change: A Process Guide was developed for staff and board members of non-profit service organizations who are interested in learning how to incorporate progressive social change values and practices into their work, using step-by-step process to identify how to address systemic problems through social change work within the context of their usual services and activities, and how to decide which strategies and actions will work best for them. more

Building Movement vs. Building Organization

This initial study from the Building Movement Project examines the connection between the vision and mission of progressive social change organizations, and the tools and support they have for implementing their vision. We also wanted to amplify the concerns and ideas of those working in social change organizations, and to explore how to recognize and address the constraints of the current external environment and its influence on organizations building movement for social, economic and racial justice. more

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