Equipping nonprofits to advance social change

Building Movement Project Team and Staff

The Building Movement Project is led by a small, highly committed Project Team located across the country, and three staff members in New York.

Project Team

Linda S. Campbell
Linda S. Campbell works on BMP’s Social Service and Social Change project, with groups in her community of Detroit Michigan, and throughout the US and Canada. Linda is an Independent Consultant providing consulting and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in strategic planning; program planning and development; nonprofit start-up; board training and leadership development. Prior to her consulting work, Linda served in a variety of senior and executive positions in the nonprofit and government sector. She has provided technical assistance in capacity building to a variety of community and faith based nonprofit organizations. Linda served as Executive Director for one of NYC oldest AIDS service organizations, Minority Task Force on AIDS; and as Senior Director at the Michigan Public Health Institute and the National Center for Health Education. She has also served as a founding board member for several community based nonprofits beginning in 1985, and during the past two years, has provided planning assistance and to local African American health institute initiatives in Michigan. Linda holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan. Contact Linda at lstewart22@aol.com

Helen S. Kim
Helen is an organizational development consultant, leadership trainer and coach with nineteen years of experience in working with social change organizations and leaders in the US and Korea. She is a co-author of Working Across Generations: Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership (Jossey-Bass, 2008) and has facilitated many regional, national, and international convenings on social justice movement building strategies and supporting the next generation of nonprofit leaders. Helen is a team member of Building Movement Project, trainer and coach for Rockwood Leadership Institute, and consultant member with French American Charitable Trust’s Management Assistance Program. She is an advisory member of Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s Building Feminist Movements and Organizations Initiative and was an adjunct faculty member at the San Francisco State University School of Social Work. Prior to her consultant work, Helen worked as a community organizer for Asian Immigrant Women Advocates, where she focused on immigrant and worker rights and environmental justice issues. She emigrated from Korea when she was twelve years old and attended Carleton College and the University of Minnesota Law Center. A 2009 Gerbode Fellow, Helen aspires to live and work with generosity of spirit and passion for justice.  Contact Helen at helenskim1@gmail.com.

Kim Klein
Kim Klein is internationally known as a fundraising trainer and consultant. She is a member of the Building Movement Project, and the editor of the Kim Klein Fundraising Series at Jossey-Bass Publishers.  She is the author of five books, including Fundraising For Social Change (now in its 6th edition) and Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times, which recently won the McAdam Book Award.  She is the founder and Publisher Emerita of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.In addition to writing for her own publications, she has contributed many articles to the leading books, periodicals and websites in the field of fundraising.  Widely in demand as a speaker, Kim has provided training and consultation in all 50 United States and in 21 countries. Her work with the Building Movement Project is focused on the role nonprofits need to play in creating fair and just tax policies, and why and how nonprofits can work to protect “the commons”— that which we own in common (parks, libraries, the internet) or that which cannot be owned (clean air, wilderness, fresh water) but must be preserved and passed down to future generations.  Kim believes that the nonprofit sector has a critical role to play in the creation and maintenance of a democratic society.  Contact Kim at kim@kleinandroth.com

Aurea Montes-Rodriguez
Aurea Montes-Rodriguez serves as the Sr. Director of Strategic Projects for Community Coalition, a social justice organization in South Los Angeles that has developed the leadership of thousands and resulted in resources and public policy to address critical shortages and deficiencies in the public health, education, neighborhood safety and social welfare systems.  Aurea built a development team responsible for an organizational budget of 2.5 million, including public and private grants, an annual gala, and various grassroots fundraising efforts.  She’s a yogi, and loves spending time at the beach with her children, Diego and Maya Nayeli. Contact Aurea at aurea@ccapt.org

Project Staff

Frances Kunreuther - Co-Director
Frances Kunreuther directs the Building Movement Project, which works to strengthen U.S. nonprofits as sites of civic engagement and social change. She is co-author of From the Ground Up: Grassroots Organizations Making Social Change (Cornell, 2006) and Working Across Generations: Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership (Jossey Bass, 2008).  Frances is also a senior fellow at the Research Center for Leadership and Action at NYU and spent five years at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University. She headed the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LBGT youth, and was awarded a year-long Annie E. Casey Foundation fellowship in 1997 for this and her previous work. Over the years, Frances has worked with homeless youth and families, undocumented immigrants, crime victims, battered women, and substance users. She is a writer and presenter on a variety of issues related to nonprofits, leadership and social change. Contact Frances at fkunreuther@demos.org.

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld - Co-Director
Sean Thomas-Breitfeld co-directs the Building Movement Project, with a special focus on BMP’s work on service and social change. Prior to joining the BMP staff, Sean spent a decade working in various roles at the Center for Community Change. At CCC, he developed training programs for grassroots leaders, worked in CCC’s communications and policy departments where he coordinated online and grassroots advocacy efforts, and lobbied on a range of issues, including immigration reform, transportation equity and anti-poverty programs. Before joining the Center, Sean worked as a Policy Analyst at the National Council of La Raza, where he focused on employment and income security issues. Sean holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Multicultural Studies from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Contact Sean at sthomas-breitfeld@demos.org

Caroline McAndrews - Director of Research & Documentation
Caroline McAndrews joined the Building Movement Project in 2004.  She oversees the Project’s research and learning on social service and social change, the use of a commons approach to movement building, and generational changes in leadership, including multigenerational and alternative structures.  In addition, she coordinates the documentation of on-the-ground examples in these areas.  She is the author of What Works: Developing Successful Multigenerational Leadership and co-author of Structuring Leadership: Alternative Models for Distributing Power and Decision-Making in Nonprofit Organizations. Prior to Building Movement, Caroline was a member of the economic security team at the Ms. Foundation for Women, where she provided funding, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to nonprofits across the country working with women to start small businesses, organize for workers’ rights, and develop leadership in labor unions. Before working at Ms., she served as the IDA Program Coordinator for Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, a low-income housing developer in Redwood City, California.  Contact Caroline at cmcandrews@demos.org.

Caitlin Endyke - Program Assistant
Caitlin Endyke signed on as Program Assistant for the Building Movement Project in 2011.  She graduated in 2010 with honors from New York University where she majored in History and specialized in social movements of the modern era.  Before joining the Building Movement Project, Caitlin interned at The White House Project (a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing women’s leadership in all sectors of society) and worked on campaigns and research projects for various elected officials.  Inspired by her parents’ stories of their own political involvement, Caitlin caught the activism bug early and is excited to be a part of the Building Movement Project as we work towards bringing about progressive social change.  Contact Caitlin at cendyke@demos.org.