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Playing with Democracy

Tomorrow, the Detroit City Council will be voting on whether or not to allow the expansion of the Detroit Development Authority (DDA), a move that would grant over $300 million dollars in public funding to developers to build a new hockey arena in the city. We’ve been focusing on... more

Detroiters Stand Up For Democracy on Election Day

Despite recent efforts by the state government to curtail the progression of democracy in Detroit, thousands of city residents made it to the polls on Tuesday, casting votes for mayor and city council among other ballot measures. Unfortunately most of the local reporters aren’t concentrating on how well... more

Detroit Leaders Create Space for Rejuvenation, Reflection, and Practice

On the evening of October 29, a group of Detroit youth leaders – all under 40 – gathered in the living room of an immaculate home operated by Sister Mary and four other progressive nuns in the Detroit metro area.  At 39, I barely made the age cut off.  But was... more

Detroiters March for Transit Justice

It’s a tale of two cities when it comes to Detroit.  While certain pockets of the city that are home to entrepreneurs and the “creative class” continue on a path to revitalization,  the rest of the city gets left even further behind.  Few... more

Big Money for Nonprofit Navigators

Despite our recent disappointment with Michigan governor Rick Snyder (you might have seen our discussions of the governor’s passage of the Emergency Manager Law against popular vote this Spring), we are happy to see that a motion to expand Medicaid benefits was passed in the legislature yesterday, partly... more

Detroit (Still) on My Mind

Last week, Linda Campbell wrote about her experiences in Detroit. In These Times has a terrific article, Detroit’s Downfall: Beyond the Myth of Black Misleadership, by Marilyn Katz that gives a different narrative on Detroit’s current woes. Though not as pointed, I read two other pieces... more

Detroiters Reclaiming Voice and Power

On July 18 of 2013, Kevin Orr, the appointed Emergency Manager for Detroit, announced that he was filing for bankruptcy on behalf of the city.  Subsequent media coverage has focused on whether that means the Detroit Institute of Fine Arts will have to sell its most famous works, or whether more... more

Breakfast in Detroit

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Caitlin Endyke profile one of the case studies featured in our recent report, Building Community from the Inside Out, on how small organizational shifts can lead to large impacts.  This piece was originally featured in Transformation, a new online publication from Michael Edwards and openDemocracy.


The Long and Short of It

News of a recent grant to fund an alternative bus service in Detroit raises many questions about what should take priority in a commons-based system- a long term vision or a short term solution.  Kim Klein argues that we need to recognize that while the people stepping in to provide these altnerative services are filling a need in the community, often they (and those supporting the programs) fail to realize that these alternatives are only short-term solutions to problems that need bigger fixes.


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